Why Hire Ken Nix?

  1. I don’t base my appraisal on a formula or use a form letter like many of my colleagues. Here’s just a couple of things that make my appraisals stand out:
    1. I personally review and audit the final bill. I include this in the appraisal with annotations referencing types of damage and severity.(arrows, red outlines, etc)
    2. I acquire an AutoCheck report on your vehicle to show things such as your car being a one owner, no previous collisions and it allows me to reference your current loss if reported .
    3. I determine the Pre-Loss Fair Retail Market Value of your car. That’s the retail value of what your car was worth without the buyer nor seller being under any duress to buy or sell.  This is also the value we determine in the case of a car being totaled, or a Total Loss. I use actual comparable vehicles being sold as close as possible to your market area to provide evidence of your Pre-Loss Value.
    4. In most cases, I’m able to also show comparable vehicles to your car’s Post-Repaired condition. If available, this is good hard evidence that stands up in court, especially when compared to “formulas”.
    5. We don’t have a 24 hour turn around time. I’m actually researching your car and the damage. Actual research takes time. On the average, most appraisals are finished in 5 working days, but depending on how many times I have to speak to the body shop, insurance company, or research comparables, previous damage, or the type of damage and the type of stigma that is associated with it, it could take even longer.
    6. My appraisals are color coded and all pertinent information is on the first page, even though the majority of my appraisals are between 40 and 100 pages. (compare that to most other appraiser’s 2 page reports)
    7. I use diagrams of the vehicle’s structure to show unibody and standard frame damage. I’m also very informed of the different structures available. Take  Honda, the ACE frame system is different than your normal unibody frame and has additional framework to better equip the vehicle against higher SUV bumper collisions. I’ve seen body shops show this as body damage, instead of frame damage many times.
    8. Third party documentation as to vehicle condition and damage stigma in relationship to repaired collision damage.
    9. My background is in vehicle sales and valuation. I know the difference between a hard book car and a soft book car and why. I’ve spoke to many other appraisers that don’t realize that a book value may not reflect current market conditions. i.e. Fall book values are based on Summer sales, some SUVs may be worth much more during the fall because of Hunting Season, Winter coming, etc. even though book values may reflect lower values due to their low demand just a couple of months earlier.  
  2. We only work for Consumers. Although we will perform 1 appraisal for an insurance company each year as we’re not biased. Beware, as many appraisers receive the majority of their business from Insurance Companies and may be motivated to give you a low valuation on your vehicle to stay in the insurance company’s good graces.
  3. We use the professional paid version for Book Values instead of Free Online Versions most Diminished Value “Appraisers” use. Each appraisal is developed by Ken, not a staff member. Because your appraisal is unique, it has more credibility with the insurance company and in Court if need be.
    1. It enables us to request historic KBB data immediately, (need a value from 3 years ago, no problem, the free KBB.com doesn’t give you that option).
    2. The paid version provides auction data, certified pre-owned data, lending value, and Reasonable Market Value.
    3. Values Change weekly. Your claim could be worth hundreds or even thousands less if your loss happened in December 2012 and it’s now June 2013.
    4. More Accurate data and documentation increases your chances of a larger settlement.
  4. Ken is an Internationally known automotive expert & Founder of Volkswagen Owners Club which now has over 36,000 members worldwide.
  5. Ken has over 35 years experience in Sales and Negotiation and provides phone support when you purchase an appraisal, on negotiation tactics and other information that may help you and your case.
  6. Ken produces each appraisal with the intent that it will be used in court. Good documentation and Good evidence combined with an easy to read format let’s the insurance company know you mean business immediately. If you go to court, you’re already prepared, we don’t have to scurry trying to dig up evidence, we’ve already provided it.
  7. We’re a small firm. That means you get to speak to Ken direct and Ken develops your appraisal, not some kid working for minimum wage. Please note: There are limited appraisals available each month. Contact us now to reserve yours.  (see the form on your right)


There’s seven reasons to hire Ken Nix. Need one more? Compare our appraisal with our competition’s:

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