Free estimates are as stated, free of charge. We try to respond to free estimate requests within 2 hours, but may take longer. Most vehicles 5 years old or less, with less than 80,000 miles and a repair cost of more than $1,000  will have suffered a loss of value between 10% to 25% of their pre-loss value but could be substantially more depending on the vehicle and type of damage.

Here’s an example based on an actual case would be:
2011 Chevrolet Camaro
Frame Labor
Pre-loss Value $16,250.
Post Repaired Value  $11,245.
Loss Of Value (Diminished Value) $5,005. or Approximately 30% loss of value.
Settlement from the Insurance company $3,752. or 75% of the $5,005 appraised Diminished Value.

Why not the full value? Please remember this is a claim. Nothing is set in stone. The average settlement normally falls between 70 and 80 percent of the appraised loss of value. We strive to help your recover the most possible in the least amount of time.

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